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The most advanced self-defense technology in the world.
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Because riding solo should be liberating not scary

Because riding solo should be liberating, not scary.

Because the only scary thing about going on this date should be the traffic.

Because the only thing on your mind after leaving the club is throwing off your heels and not using them as a weapon.

Because the only stress of college should be the homework.

SOLO brand self defense tools.

Welcome to SOLO. We are making the world safer, for you and your SOLO Journey. We will protect you on the go, in the most comprehensive way possible. We do this by innovating connected, smart, state of the art security devices, where your fingerprint ignites your device. This is a new, more effective approach to your safety when your out and about. We go where you go.

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SOLO products

Coming January 2022

SOLO Backpacker

Phone Case
A game changing phone case!  The most secure way to store your cards and cash. The SOLO Backpacker only opens with your fingerprint or your face ID through the SOLOSecure app.
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Coming January 2022


Mobile App
A personalized smart app designed to keep you aware, protected, and secure. Alerts for neighborhood safety,  join community groups and have access to our propirary SOS system if you are ever in need of help.
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Our limited release of the SOLO Backpacker will be available Mid January, 2022. Stay in the know, A few lucky individuals will be given a free SOLO Backpacker!
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Go SOLO. You're protected. Because we go where you go.

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